Hats should not be compulsory in schools


In most primary schools and high schools there is a rule that says that hats MUST be worn at recess and lunch, I think this is ridicules and unfair, and these are y reasons why


Firstly, say you have school photos or something, you would have your hair nice and neat and perfectly done. But then you put your hat on and….. PLUNK and your hair is ruined, you planed for your photo to look great, but instead it looked terrible and you were stuck with that picture for the rest of your life.


Secondly, have you ever tried running with a hat on? It is hard! It will always fall off! Picture this…. Your running, perspiration prickling on your forehead, you’re winning the race you can see the finish line just ahead of you, you allmmmooosssttt there….. You can already see yourself crossing the finish line before everyone else, winning, then… AGHHHH!! Your hat flies off so much for that thought; you chase after your hat and jog to the finish line, finishing 10 minutes after everyone else, stupid hat you think, they say they are trying to stop us from getting sunburnt, seems more like their trying to stop us having fun.


Finally, just think of the safety issues in them! I’ve seen kids do this a million times!! They chew on the cords! Just stop for a moment and think about the dangers of this! The cords were not made to be chewed on, and if you do you might get terribly sick!


In conclusion, hats are a ridicules idea in mine and hopefully your opinion, so I think that kids should NOT have to wear them! They mess up your hair, they stop you having fun and they are a massive safety danger, Hats should be banned!!

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